Puerto Rico FAQ

When is Hamilton coming to Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré?

Hamilton will be playing from January 11 to January 27, 2019.

Where can I buy tickets for Hamilton in Puerto Rico?

Ticketpop will sell tickets for Hamilton at Luis A. Ferré Performing Arts Center starting in the fall.

Visit dev.hamiltonmusical.com for updates. Some tickets will also be available at select Ticketpop locations in Puerto Rico and ticketpop.com.

A limited number of VIP Tickets are available to support the Flamboyan Arts Fund. Purchase tickets here: flamboyanartsfund.org.

Puerto Rico Tourism Company will have a limited number of tickets sold as part of tourism packages for 2-or 3-night stays in Puerto Rico. 

NOTE: The person who made the ticket purchase will be required to show the credit card used to purchase AND a government ID when picking up tickets on the day of the show.

I found tickets online that are twice as expensive as your listed ticket prices!

Ticketpop, the Flamboyan Arts Fund, Puerto Rico Tourism Company and additional corporate sponsors are the ONLY OFFICIAL sources for purchasing tickets to Hamilton in Puerto Rico. Purchasing from any other seller or website runs a high risk of receiving fraudulent tickets.

Is there a ticket limit? 

Yes, there is a four (4) ticket limit per household for Hamilton.

Why am I only able to purchase 4 tickets?  

The ticket limit is in place to allow as many people as possible the opportunity to purchase tickets for Hamilton. Any and all transactions that are detected to be bot purchases, patrons creating duplicate accounts in order to purchase more than four (4) tickets, or any action that indicates a purchase in excess of the four (4) ticket limit may be cancelled without consideration.

Are there group sales available if I want to purchase more than the ticket limit? 

There are no group sales available for Hamilton’s engagement in Puerto Rico.

How do I pick up my tickets?

Tickets must be picked up in person on the date of the performance at Luis A. Ferré Performing Arts Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In order to pick up your tickets, you will need to present:

  • The debit or credit card used to buy the tickets AND
  • A valid government-issued photo ID

NOTE: Tickets will only be handed to the owner of the credit or debit card used to buy the tickets. Tickets will not be handed over if the names on the ID and the debit/credit card do not match the name on the order, or if the ID is not of the person who is picking up the tickets. Tickets cannot be picked up by a third party. Tickets can ONLY be picked up the day of the show.

Will there be a lottery?

Yes, 275 tickets will be sold for every performance for $10 each. The daily digital lottery opens today at 11:00 AM AST for tickets to the Friday, January 11 performance. Subsequent digital lotteries will begin two days prior to each performance. On Wednesday, January 16 and Wednesday, January 23, all available tickets for the matinee performances will be sold for $10 each via the Hamilton digital lottery. Of the $10 tickets for the January 16 matinee, 1,000 will be made available exclusively for Puerto Rico-based college students. With proof of current college class enrollment for 2019 and a student ID from a Puerto Rican college, students may purchase one (1) ticket each, cash only, in person at Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré on January 16. Starting at 7:00 AM AST, the first 1,000 students in line (with verified enrollment and student ID) will receive a wristband and hand stamp that is required for purchase and for entry into the theater for the matinee performance. Sales for those seats will commence at 8:00 AM AST.

How can I register for the $10 tickets?

3 ways to enter the #HamiltonPR Lottery

Visit our website for more details.

What are limited view seats?

Limited view seats are in locations that may have an obstructed view of the full stage.

Can I get on a waiting list for tickets?  

Patrons are advised to check the official Hamilton channels or call the Ticketpop Call Center (787-294-0001 or free of charge 1-866-994-0001) for late release seats, which may become available at short notice. Service Representatives are available from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM AST and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM AST.

What if I can’t attend my purchased performance?  

Since all sales are final, we are unable to offer refunds. Be sure to check the following information before completing your purchase: show title, day, date, time of performance, and number of tickets.

Are there any discounts available? 

There are no discounts for Hamilton. However, 10,000 tickets will be sold for $10 each to residents of Puerto Rico via the Hamilton lottery.

What is the running time? 

Running time is 2 hours and 45 minutes including intermission.

What time are the performances?

Matinee performances will begin at 1:30 p.m. and evening performances will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Is there an age requirement? 

Hamilton is appropriate for ages 10+. The show contains some strong language. Every patron, regardless of age, must have a ticket. Children under 5 years old are not allowed in the theater.

How many hours prior to show time does Will Call open?

2 hours prior to showtime.

Is the original Broadway cast performing in Puerto Rico?

Lin Manuel-Miranda will reprise his role as Alexander Hamilton for the duration of the Puerto Rico engagement. The rest of the cast can be found here.

Will Hamilton be performed in English or Spanish?

Hamilton in Puerto Rico will be performed in English.

Where can I learn more about Hamilton?

Website:  HamiltonMusical.com

Facebook: @HamiltonMusical

Instagram: @HamiltonMusical

Twitter: @HamiltonMusical

YouTube: @HamiltonMusical

Protect your tickets

Each ticket has a one-of-a-kind bar code, and when you share or post your tickets along with your personal information online, your tickets can be compromised. You can still share your excitement online, but just make sure to #CoverTheCode by covering the bar code and any other personal information on your ticket.

Warning about unofficial ticket sellers

Ticketpop, the Flamboyan Arts Fund, Puerto Rico Tourism Company and additional corporate sponsors are the ONLY OFFICIAL sources for purchasing tickets to Hamilton in Puerto Rico.

Purchasing tickets from any other seller or website runs a high risk of receiving fraudulent tickets. Ticket buyers who purchase tickets from a ticket broker or any third party should be aware that the theater is unable to reprint or replace lost, replicated or stolen tickets, and is unable to contact patrons with additional information. If you arrive at a performance with a fraudulent ticket, you will not be allowed entry.

A limited number of VIP Tickets are available to support the Flamboyan Arts Fund. Purchase tickets at: flamboyanartsfund.org.

What is the Flamboyan Arts Fund?

Since Hurricane Maria devastated the island on September 20, 2017, countless museums, theaters, arts education programs, music venues and other facilities that house creative initiatives have closed OR ARE NOT OPERATING AT CAPACITY. Organizations, cultural workers, actors, musicians, producers, painters, writers and artists of all career levels and disciplines are scrambling to continue their work, with scarce resources, options and hope for the future.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, his family and Hamilton have partnered with the Flamboyan Foundation to create the Flamboyan Arts Fund. This limited-term fund will be dedicated to supporting institutions, arts groups and independent artists to ensure that the arts and culture continue to flourish during the rebuilding of Puerto Rico. This initiative will also advocate for public and private funding for the arts to ensure that momentum continues beyond the scope of the fund. For more information, please visit flamboyanartsfund.org.

Why is it only a limited-term fund? 

Since Hurricane Maria devastated the island last year, many artists and arts organizations like museums, theaters, arts education programs and music venues have ceased operations or are at risk of doing so. The Arts Fund intends to actively operate for 3-5 years with the goal of addressing the urgent needs of Puerto Rico by providing grants to stabilize and strengthen the arts sector. The goal is for artists and arts organizations to leverage funding from the Arts Fund to sustain their programming to carry on work in the short term, as well as for years to come. Another part of the mission is also to focus on advocacy for government funding and strengthening philanthropic support for the arts in Puerto Rico.

Who is eligible to receive grants from the Arts Fund?

The Flamboyan Arts Fund is an initiative dedicated to preserving, amplifying and sustaining the arts in Puerto Rico by offering support to all facets of the arts community including music, theater, visual arts, dance, literature and youth arts education. The Arts Fund team is currently in the process of determining specific funding eligibility criteria. If you are an independent artist, arts organization or organization providing youth arts education interested in funding your work, please email artsfund@flamboyanfoundation.org to receive updates and more information.

What happens to my previously purchased tickets?

Tickets previously purchased through Ticketpop, Flamboyan Arts Fund, and local tour operators will be accommodated at Bellas Artes. Ticket holders attending performances January 11 to January 27 will be reassigned tickets by Ticketpop for the same day and time of the original order; seats will be reassigned in comparable locations.

Beginning December 27 Ticketpop will be contacting ticket holders to the January 8 to January 10 performances. Those ticket buyers will be provided options to attend HAMILTON on a new date and time; those who cannot attend another performance will be issued a refund in the same payment method of the original transaction.